Concussion Advice

Concussion is a complex and potentially signficant brain injury that must be taken seriously. Even a mild bump on the head or glancing blow on the helmet can be serious. Failure in recognising this can have major immediate and long term consequences.

Signs and symptoms can be any one of:
Dizziness/blurred vision
Concentration/memory problems
Just not feeling right
Appearing dazed/stunned
Moving clumsily
Unclear of situation/surroundings
Loss of consciousness
Mood/behaviour/personality change.

If concussion symptoms are recognised
Player should be removed from the game
Player should rest until symptom free
Player should gradually return to play - over days/weeks.

Find out more with this ECB education module
Concussion Education Module - Introduction (

There is also a downloadable factsheet for parents linked below


Concussion Factsheet for Parents