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1. Early days

Early records are sparse, but it is known that in 1707 the villagers of Mitcham challenged All-London to a match which was played on Lamb's Conduit Fields. The "County Journal" of 26 June 1736 records that, "The great match which was played between the Gentlemen of London and those of Meecham in Surrey, was won by the former by a considerable number of notches".

There is an account of a match between Mitcham and Ewell, played on the Green in October 1731:

"The same day (October 2nd) a great cricket match was played on Mitcham Green, Surrey, between 11 of that town and 11 of Ewell in the same county, for 5 guineas a side; the latter went in first, and on their side was the famous Tim Coleman, who usually played on the London side, but notwithstanding a great deal of good play on both sides, the former won the match by several notches."