Herbert Strudwick
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4. Herbert Strudwick

Herbert Strudwick was truly a son of Mitcham. Born in Mitcham in 1880, he lived at Reeves Terrace throughout his childhood.

As a schoolboy, Herbert watched Mitcham cricket on the Green during his lunch hour. He also played cricket with other parish choirboys, supervised by the vicar's daughter Miss Wilson. She encouraged him to take up wicket-keeping, owing to his enthusiasm to be involved, running in from cover to take returns from the field. So we have a lot to be thankful to Miss Wilson for - he went on to play 674 1st class matches, mainly for a Surrey, represent England in 28 tests, and make 1493 dismissals over his career (3rd highest in history, after Bob Taylor and John Murray).

Strudwick's renown is as a brilliant wicket-keeper over many years, and a reputation for fair play and modesty. Recalling his earliest playing days, for Mitcham Wanderers on the Green, he said that he found it difficult to get into the Mitcham side because,

they had A.F.Clarke, a far better wicket-keeper than I could ever dream to be

Strudwick first played for the Surrey first XI in 1900. He made the wicket-keeping position his own from the start of the 1903 season and it was to remain his for the next 24 years. He was selected to play his first test for England, against South Africa, in 1909-10. Over his career, he toured Australia 4 times, South Africa with MCC twice, and frequently represented Players against Gentlemen.

Retiring from playing, he became a coach and later Surrey scorer.

He retained an affection for Mitcham Green and was a Vice-President and Life Member of the Mitcham Club. He died at the age of 90 in 1970. An oil painting of him hangs in the Long Room at the Oval.